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This page documents sources cited in KlezmerGuide, and is organized accordingly:

Online audio archives

Title Description Location
classicklezmer YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/classicklezmer
DJSA Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive (recordings available only to registered users) djsa.dartmouth.edu
ENHPRA Edison National Historical Park Recording Archive www.nps.gov/edis/photosmultimedia/the-recording-archives.htm
FAU RSA Florida Atlantic University Recorded Sound Archives (Some tunes in full; others 45-second excerpt only without registered access) rsa.fau.edu/judaic
LoC National Jukebox Individual recordings at the U.S. Library of Congress www.loc.gov/jukebox
Mayrent Institute for Yiddish Culture University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries collection includes Klezmer & Yiddish recordings search.library.wisc.edu/digital/AMayrentRec
Russian Records Comprehensive archive maintained by Yuri Bernikov


{Individuals alphabetized by last name}

Artist Title Label & Year
compilation Cantors Klezmorim & Crooners 1905-1953: Classic Yiddish 78s from the Mayrent Collection JSP Records 2009
compilation Chekhov's Band - Eastern European Klezmer Music from the EMI Archives 1908-1913 Renair 2015
compilation The Compleat Klezmer {companion CD to The Compleat Klezmer - see Bibliography} [excerpts only - endings cut short] Tara Music 1998
compilation Doyres (Generations): Traditional Klezmer Recordings 1979-1994 Trikont 1995
compilation Frelik, Sher un Khusidl: Brass Bands from Podolia, Klezmer and other Jewish Music collected by Isaak Loberan (Field Recordings from the Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 1) Austro Mechana 2006
compilation Historical Collection of Jewish Musical Folklore 1912-1947, Vol 1: Materials of J. Engel Ethnographic Expedition 1912  
compilation Historical Collection of Jewish Musical Folklore 1912-1947, Vol 4: Hasidic and Klezmer Music from the An-Ski Expeditions (1912-1914)  
compilation Historical Collection of Jewish Musical Folklore 1912-1947, Vol 5: Hasidic and Klezmer Music from the An-Ski Expeditions (1912-1914)  
compilation Historical Collection of Jewish Musical Folklore 1912-1947, Vol 6: The First Folklore Expeditions of Moisei Beregovskii 1929-1930 (Kiev, Odessa, Belaia Tserkov, Slavuta)  
compilation Jakie Jazz 'em Up Global Village 1995
compilation Jewish Violinists, 3rd edition, Vol. 1 2023
compilation Klassic Klezmer {3 disks} Goldies 2001
compilation Klezfest Arc Music 2003
compilation Klezmer Music - A Marriage of Heaven & Earth Ellipsis Arts 1996
compilation Klezmer Music - Early Yiddish Instrumental Music, The First Recordings: 1908-1927 [CD]; previously released on vinyl as Klezmer Music - Early Yiddish Instrumental Music, The First Recordings: 1910-1927 Arhoolie Records 1997
compilation Klezmer Music 1910-1942 - Recordings from the YIVO Archives Folkways Records/Global Village 1980
compilation Klezmer Pioneers - European and American Recordings 1905-1952 Rounder Records 1996
compilation Oytsres - Treasures (Klezmer Music 1908 - 1996) Schott Wergo 1999
compilation Rough Guide to the Music of the Gypsies World Music Network 1999
compilation Rough Guide to Klezmer (Jewish Traditions: Shtetl Roots and New World Revival) World Music Network 2000
compilation Shteygers (Ways): New Klezmer Music 1991-1994 Trikont 1995
compilation Tzena Tzena, Hava Nagila and other Wedding Dances Audio Fidelity 1963
compilation Yikhes (Lineage Stammbaum): Early Klezmer Recordings 1911-1939 from the collection of Prof. Martin Schwartz Trikont 1995
Amsterdam Klezmer Band Limonchiki {self-produced?} 2001
Sid Beckerman & Howie Leess Klezmer Plus! Flying Fish 1991
Belf's Rumanian Orchestra Rumynski Orkestr Belfa online at archive.org/details/RumynskiOrkestrBelfa
Bellevue Rendezvous Salamander Journeyman Records 2010
Bob Berkman, interpreter Klezmerola - Pianola Interpretations by Bob Berkman Pianola Enterprises 2007
Naftule Brandwein King of the Klezmer Clarinet Rounder Records 1997
Brave Old World Klezmer Music Flying Fish Records 1989
Budapest Klezmer Band The Train 7.40 1997
Budowitz Mother Tongue Koch Schwann 1997
Budowitz Wedding Without a Bride Buda Musique 2000
Kevin Burke & Open House Open House Green Linnet 1992
Catskill Klezmorim The Well-Tempered Klezmir Divine Noise 1988
Cayuga Klezmer Revival Klezmology 1996
Chicago Klezmer Ensemble Early Recordings 1987-89 Oriente Musik 2001
Chicago Klezmer Ensemble Sweet Home Bukovina - Notes from a Musical Journey Oriente Musik 1998
Di Grine Kuzine Klezmer's Paradise Bandcamp 1999
Di Naye Kapelye Alpeh Plus 1995
Di Naye Kapelye Di Naye Kapelye Oriente Musik 1998
Di Naye Kapelye Traktorist Oriente Musik 2008
Dobe Ressler & di Bostoner Klezmer Nakhes fun Klezmer Nakhes 2005
Abe Ellstein's Orchestra & Dave Tarras Klezmer Music Banner Records (re-released by Sameach Music)
Epstein Brothers Orchestra Kings of Freylekh Land Wergo 1995
Giora Feidman Klezmer Celebration Plane Records 1998
Giora Feidman Klassic Klezmer Hatikvah 2008
Zev Feldman & Andy Statman Jewish Klezmer Music Shanachie 1980
Finjan Crossing Selkirk Avenue Finucan Studio 1992
Finjan From Ship to Shore Fat Uncle Records 1988
Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band Fire Traditional Crossroads 2005
Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band Flying Bulgar Recordings 1990
Al Glaser's Bucovina Kapelle w/Dave Tarras Jewish Folk Dances Decca 1940
Golden State Klezmers Freilach Time! Jewish Music Group 2006
Adrianne Greenbaum FleytMuzik {self-produced} 2003
Harts un Neschome Von Jiddisch...bis Klezmer [From Yiddish...to Klezmer] Auris Subtilis 2009
Hi Hat Ensemble (Jay Chernow et al) Let's be Freilach (DJSA and FAU RSA) Ultrafidelity Record Co.
Hi Hat Ensemble (Jay Chernow et al) Freilach Dances (DJSA and FAU RSA) Aleph / Ultrafidelity Record Co.
Hi Hat Ensemble (Jay Chernow et al) (Freilach Dances Volume 2 (DJSA) / Freilach in Hi-Fi - Volume 2 (FAU RSA)) Ultrafidelity Record Co.
Re-released by Global Village Music 2013
I.J. Hochman Master of Klezmer Music - Fun der Khupe Global Village Music 1993
Hollywood Klezmer The Brandeis-Bardin International Klezmer Ensemble {self-produced} 2000
Ithaca College Klezmorim Music for Hawaiian Gardens Ryan Zawel
Jontef Klezmer & Yiddish Songs Arc Music 2009
Jewniverse individual recordings at yiddishmusic.jewniverse.info {in Russian}  
The Joseph Korda Players The Music & Food of the Jewish People Music Minus One
Kandel's Orchestra Russian Sher - Master of Klezmer Music  
Kandel's Orchestra Der Gassen Nigun - Master of Klezmer Music, Volume 2  
Kandel's Orchestra Kandel's Bulgar - Master of Klezmer Music, Volume 3  
Kandel's Orchestra Odesser Bulgarish - Master of Klezmer Music, Volume 4  
Kandel's Orchestra Kandel's Orchestra Vol. 1, Vol. 2 & Vol. 3  
Kapelye Chicken Shanachie 1989
Kapelye Levine and his Flying Machine Shanachie 1992
Kapelye Old-Time Jewish American Radio on the Air Shanachie 1995
Kapelye Future & Past Kapelye 2009
Kapelye Neyer Derekh - New Directions Kapelye 2004
Kapelye Hopkele - The Kapelye Dance Collection Kapelye 2006
Mickey Katz Simcha Time: Mickey Katz plays music for Weddings Bar Mitzvahs And Brisses Blue Note Records 1994
The Kharkov Klezmer Band Ticking Again Fréa Records 2005
Khevrisa European Klezmer Music Smithsonian Folkways 2000
The Klez Messengers The Klez Messengers self-produced 2015
The Klezical Tradition Family Portrait TKT Productions 2007
Klezmania [U.S.] Live in Concert Benny Be Music Productions 2005
Klezmania [U.S.] The Wailing Wall Benny Be Music Productions 1992
Klezmatics Jews With Horns Rounder Records 1990
Klezmatics Rhythm & Jews Rounder Records 2003
Klezmer Conservatory Band A Jumpin' Night in the Garden of Eden Rounder Records 1992
Klezmer Conservatory Band A Touch of Klez! Vanguard Records 1990
Klezmer Conservatory Band Dance Me to the End of Love Rounder Records 2000
Klezmer Conservatory Band Dancing in the Aisles Rounder Records 1997
Klezmer Conservatory Band Klez! Vanguard Records 1990
Klezmer Conservatory Band Live! The Thirteenth Anniversary Album Rounder Records 1993
Klezmer Conservatory Band Old World Beat Rounder Records 1991
Klezmer Conservatory Band Yiddishe Renaissance Vanguard Records 1993
Klezmer East Traditional Favorites Paul Green Productions 2007
Klezmer Juice Actions Speak Louder Than Words Art a Gogo 2004
Klezmer Juice Jewfro East Venice Records 2008
Klezmerson Klezmerson Beta Records 2011
Klezmorim East Side Wedding Arhoolie Records 1977
Klezmorim The First Recordings 1976-78 Arhoolie Records 1993
Klezmorim Metropolis Flying Fish Records 1981
Klezmorim Streets of Gold Arhoolie Records 1978
Kleztory Nomade Amerix 2006
Kleztory with I Musici de Montreal Klezmer Chandos 2004
Klingon Klez individual recordings at www.klingonklezmer.com  
David Krakauer Klezmer Madness Tzadik 1995
David Krakauer Klezmer N.Y. Tzadik 1998
David Krakauer Music From the Winery Tzadik 2004
Sy Kushner Jewish Music Ensemble KlezSqueeze! Bon Air Recordings 1998
Murray Lehrer and his Ensemble (Dave Tarras, clarinet) Freilach in Hi-Fi (re-released as "Freilachs for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and Other Celebrations") Vol. 1, Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 Request Records (re-release)
Margot Leverett The Art of Klezmer Clarinet Traditional Crossroads 2000
Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys 2nd Avenue Square Dance Traditional Crossroads 2008
Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys Traditional Crossroads 2003
Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars Brotherhood of Brass Piranha 2002
Constantin Lupu, Constantin Negel & Anton Mitica Stefan Roots of Klezmer - The lost Jewish music of Moldavia Lost Trails 2005
Maxwell Street Klezmer Band Joy of Klez Online at JewishMusic.com
Maxwell Street Klezmer Band Maxwell Street Days Global Village 1985 (LP); self-published 2013 (CD)
Maxwell Street Klezmer Band Old Roots New World Shanachie 2002
Maxwell Street Klezmer Band Sweet Early Years Klezmer Music Foundation 2000
Maxwell Street Klezmer Band Wedding Party Global Village 1992
Maxwell Street Klezmer Band You Should Be So Lucky Shanachie 1996
Mazzeltov & Rolinha Kross Tsores & Cheyn Fréa Records 2002
Mikveh Mikveh Traditional Crossroads 2001
Joseph Moskowitz The Art of the Cymbalom: The Music of Joseph Moskowitz (1916-1953) Rounder Records 1996
Ray Musiker A Living Tradition Living Traditions 2007
(The) New York Klezmer Ensemble (featuring Ray Musiker) Neshoma Orchestra Presents The New York Klezmer Ensemble M.A. Productions 1984
The Original Klezmer Ensemble Retsatla Nota 1997
Original Klezmer Jazz Band (Pete Sokolow, Ken Gross, Joel Chernet, Ted Bragin, Tom Abruzzo & Henry Sapoznik) Original Klezmer Jazz Band Leisure Time Records 2010
Ot Azoj Klezmerband The Heart of Klezmer: Traditional Yiddish Music Oreade World Music 1999
Ot Azoj Klezmerband Klezmer fon Kishinev Oreade World Music 2002
Paul Pincus Orchestra Music for Happy Occasions Mercury MG20202 1957
Itzhak Perlman In The Fiddler's House Angel Records 1995
Itzhak Perlman Live In The Fiddler's House Angel Records 1996
Abraham Rechthand y su Shtetl Klezmer Freilajs DDM Music (Mexico) 2005
Elie Rosenblatt & Pete Rushefsky Tsimbl un Fidl - Klezmer Music for Hammered Dulcimer & Violin {self-produced} 2001
Joel Rubin Hungry Hearts - Clasic Yiddish Clarinet Solos of the 1920s (orig. issued in 1988 as Joel Rubin Klezmer Band - Brave Old World) Wergo 1998
Joel Rubin Ensemble Midnight Prayer Traditional Crossroads 2007
Joel Rubin Jewish Music Ensemble Beregovski's Khasene Music Factory GmbH 1997
Joel Rubin Klezmer Ensemble Brave Old World Global Village 1995
Joel Rubin with the Epstein Brothers Orchestra Zeydes un Eyniklekh (Grandfathers and Grandsons) Wergo 1995
Joel Rubin and Joshua Horowitz Bessarabian Symphony - Early Jewish Instrumental Music Wergo 1994
H.J. Sachs and the Tikvaleers w/Sam Musiker Wedding Dances Tikva Records
Salomon Klezmorim First Klez Syncoop 2008
Hank Sapoznik and the Youngers of Zion The Protocols {self-produced} 2005
Gregori Schechter Der Rebe Elimelech Arc Music 1995
Gregori Schechter Klezmer Arc Music 2004
Abe Schwartz The Klezmer King Sony 2002
Abe Schwartz Master of Klezmer Music: The First Recordings 1917, Vol. 1 Global Village 1995
George Schwartz his Orchestra and Singers Jewish Dances Diplomat FS300; online at DJSA
Leon Schwartz Like In a Different World Global Village 1995/2008
Shtreiml Spicy Paprikash {self-produced} 2004
Jake Shulman-Ment A Wheel Oriente Music 2012
Seppo Sillanpää Lamentarola Power Records [Finland] 1990
Bobby Silver and his Orchestra [pseudonym for Ray Muziker] Jewish Dance Hits Cameo SC-1049 1963
Andy Statman Flatbush Waltz: Jazz and Original Compositions for the Mandolin Rounder Records 1980
Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra The Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra Shanachie 1992
Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra Klezmer Suite Shanachie 1995
Andy Statman & David Grisman Songs of Our Fathers Acoustic Disc 1995
Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi The Absolutely Complete Introduction to Klezmer (companion CD to Absolutely Complete Klezmer Songbook) Transcontinental Music Publications 2006
Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi Absolutely Klezmer Volume 2 Transcontinental Music Publications 2007
Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi with Klazzj & Elizabeth Schwartz Garden of Yidn Naxos 2001
Alicia Svigals Fidl (Klezmer Violin) Traditional Crossroads 1997
Dave Tarras Dave Tarras Plays Again - Jewish Dances Colonial LP-218 ca.1960?
Dave Tarras The King of Yiddish American Klezmer Music (50's Gold Collection) East Mediterranean Music 2013
Dave Tarras Master of Klezmer Music, Vol. 1: 1929-1949 Global Village 1995
Dave Tarras Master of Klezmer Music, Vol. 2 (Freilach Yiddelach) Global Village 1997
Dave Tarras Music for the Traditional Jewish Wedding Center for Traditional Music and Dance 2006 {originally released 1978}
Dave Tarras Wedding on Second Avenue - Jewish Dances Banner
Dave Tarras Yiddish-American Klezmer Music - 1925-1956 Shanachie 2005
Dave Tarras and the Musiker Brothers Tanz! Sony 2002 {originally released 1955}
Dave Tarras Orchestra & Allen Street Gypsies Music of the Jewish People Colonial 1957
Rudy Tepel and his Orchestra Chassidic Wedding - Dance Melodies Collector's Guild 1962 (CD re-released from www.tepel.org)
The Tummelers Shpiel, Klezmer! 1999
Vilde Katshke A Klezmer Celebration Oreade World Music 2002
Vilde Katshke Flign Mit a Nign Fréa Records 2006
Jeff Warschauer Singing Waltz Omega Classics 1997
Yale Klezmer Band Klezmosis {self-produced?} 2002
Yid Vicious Forverts!  
Yid Vicious Klez Kez Goy Mit Fez Uvulittle Records 1998
Yid Vicious The Seventh Schlemiel Giant Clam Records 2004
Yiddishe Cup Klezmer Guy {self-produced} 2009
Yiddishe Cup Klezmerized {self-produced} 1996
Yidn Live at the Brodsky individual tracks online at their website
Yidn Yidn {self-produced} 2003

Online sheet music archives

Title Description Location
abcnotation large collection of tunes in multiple formats, including ABC and MIDI abcnotation.com
allen's klezmer transcription page scores from allen lutins (author of this website) and acquaintances www.lutins.org/music/scores
Belf's Rumanian Orchestra Collection collection provided by Alan Fendler (originally hosted at belfology.com) klezcalifornia.org/transcriptions-of-all-the-tunes-recorded-by-belfs-romanian-orchestra/
Brown University Library Center for Digital Initiatives Yiddish Sheet Music collection dl.lib.brown.edu/sheetmusic/yiddish
CUKE Anthology Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble score collection (login required) www.lutins.org/CUKE
DC Klezmer Workshop Tunes provided by Howard Ungar for D.C. area klezmer jams drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QKQZ-qn_oDT0e7bNeT3oofjHZFlOoFtN
Fiddling with History provided by Daniel Slosberg fiddlingwithhistory.com
Free Sheet Music archive Collection of generally inferior transcriptions; not recommended nor individually listed in this archive for this reason www.freesheetmusic.net/klezmer.html
International Hebrew Wedding Music by Nat Kostakowski Adobe PDF copy of 1916 edition https://imslp.org/wiki/
JewishMusic.com downloads   www.jewishmusic.com/collections/digital-sheet-music-downloads
Klezmer Academy provided by Sherry Mayrent klezmeracademy.com/tune-charts
Klezmer Vig no longer online access via web.archive.org
KlezNorth workshop tunes archive of sheet music from workshops 2014-present http://kleznorth.org.uk/tunes/
Library of Congress collections United States Library of Congress archives www.loc.gov
Manchester Klezmer collection provided by Steve Landin et al; no longer online access via web.archive.org
MuseScore community-provided scores www.musescore.com
Old Klezmers – Alte Klezmorim Dan Carkner's historical research blog, featuring Library of Congress scores that may not yet be represented at the Library of Congress website alte.klezmor.im
Simon Carlyle Collection online archive of over 100 klezmer transcriptions www.lutins.org/music/carlyle
Temple Aliyah Klezmer Band Songbook provided by Dick Schoeller; no longer online access via web.archive.org
Tune Finder archive of tunes in visible and audible formats, including ABC, MIDI, GIF and PDF, provided by John Chambers trillian.mit.edu/~jc/cgi/abc/tunefind
Virtual Klezmer Klezmer resource site (in German) www.klezmer.de
Yidishe Folks-Lider by M. Beregovski & I. Fefer electronic copy of 1938 edition www.archive.org/details/nybc210708

Bibliography of cited sources

Title Author Publisher
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The Big Klezmer Fake Book Velvel Pasternak Tara Publications 2001
The Compleat Klezmer Henry Sapoznik Tara Publications 1987
CUKE Songbook Joel Rubin transcribed by Joel Rubin for members of the Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble; online at www.lutins.org/CUKE (login required)
The Essentials of Klezmer 5-String Banjo Pete Rushefsky online at www.banjojudy.com/2016/03/pete-rushevskys-book-for-5-string-finger-style-klezmer-banjo
Freilachs, Bulgars, Horas Dave Tarras Harold Branch Publishing Co. 1976
From the Repertoire of German Goldenshteyn German Goldenshteyn Living Traditions 2008
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[reprinted as Ultimate Klezmer]
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The Jewish Fake Book Velvel Pasternak Tara Publications 1997
Jewish Instrumental Folk Music - The Collections and Writings of Moshe Beregovski (Second Edition, 2015) Trans. & ed. by Mark Slobin, Michael Alpert & Robert Rothstein; Rev. by Kurt Bjorling Muziker.org
Jewish Traditional Instrumental Music Moishe Beregovski 1987 (in Russian)
Joy of Klez - Band Arrangements from the Repertoire of the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band   Klezmer Music Foundation 2006
Kammen International Dance Folio #1 Jack & Joseph Kammen J&J Kammen Music Co. 1924 (reprinted by Tara Publications)
Kammen International Dance Folio #9 Jack & Joseph Kammen and William Scher J&J Kammen Music Co. 1934 (reprinted by Tara Publications)
The Klezmer Band Folio Ken Richmond Tara Publications
Klezmer Combo - Freylachs & Horas arranged by Marvin Rosenberg Tara Publications 1988
The Klezmer Music Fake Book Vol. 1 Sy Kushner Kush Publications 1995 (reprinted by NuLite Music)
The Klezmer Music Fake Book Vol. 2 Sy Kushner Kush Publications 1996 (reprinted by NuLite Music)
The Klezmer Plus! Folio Peter Sokolow Tara Publications 1997
(The) Klezmer Fiddler (Complete): Jewish Music of Celebration Selected & Arranged by Edward Huws Jones Boosey & Hawkes 2001
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Pete Sokolow collection (originally available at the now-defunct KlezKamp) Pete Sokolow available directly from Pete Sokolow
Podolia Freylekhsland - Klezmer Music from Ukraine Volumes 1 - IV Isaak Loberan Varwe Musica Publication (Austria)
Ultimate Klezmer (reprint of International Hebrew Wedding Music 1916) Wolff N. Kostakowsky (ed. & arranged by Josh Horowitz) Tara Publications 2001
Yidishe Folks-Lider M. Beregovski & I. Fefer Nazionale Minderhaytn, Kiev 1938 (online at www.archive.org/details/nybc210708)

Title Author Publisher
American Klezmer - Its Roots and Offshoots compilation; ed. by Mark Slobin University of California Press 2002
The Book of Klezmer: The History, the Music, the Folklore Yale Strom Chicago Review Press 2011
Dave Tarras: The King of Klezmer Yale Strom Or-Tav 2010
The Essential Klezmer: A Music Lover's Guide to Jewish Roots and Soul Music, from the Old World to the Jazz Age to the Downtown Avant-Garde Seth Rogovoy Algonquin Books 2000
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New York Klezmer in the Twentieth Century Joel Rubin University of Rochester Press 2020
Shpil: The Art of Playing Klezmer Yale Strom et al Scarecrow Press 2012